The Big PSLE Freakout

This is beginning to be as sensitive as talking about religion. And it’s getting worse and worse every year. Then there are all these positive initiatives getting people to share stories and PSLE T-scores in the name of telling Nintendo DS-denying parents grades don’t matter (she’s since learned an important lesson: be careful what you say in front of a journalist). First: I love … Continue reading The Big PSLE Freakout

Please Stop Teaching Us How to Raise Successful Children

This is an appeal to any person, group or organisation that plans parenting talks, seminars, workshops, forums and conferences. Since I’ve started blogging as a parent, I’ve received invitations to attend (and a couple of times, sit in the panel of) quite a few of these parenting events. It wasn’t until recently that the messages some … Continue reading Please Stop Teaching Us How to Raise Successful Children

Kidzania: Understanding the Mania

The week before, I took a day off to bring everyone to Kidzania Singapore to see if we could get tickets, but we arrived at Beach Station at 2pm, and seasoned parents of Kidzanians will point at us and mock us in utter noobery of not knowing that we can’t just get walk-in tickets into … Continue reading Kidzania: Understanding the Mania

We’ve Got Work-Life Balance All Wrong

You may have caught me on TV fumbling for the first half hour of the panel discussion on work-life balance on Talking Point a couple weeks ago. If you did, I apologise for fumbling for the first half hour. If you haven’t, it’s here: Again, sorry. But the Blogfather had his reprieve when a caller … Continue reading We’ve Got Work-Life Balance All Wrong