Hospitalised! – The Facebook Postings (Days 2-4)

The first couple of days of my hospitalisation, in between X-rays, CAT scans and the most painful ultrasound scan I have ever experienced (they had to dig the scanner under my ribcage to look for gallstones, and they ended up not finding any; I cried),?I couldn’t do anything other than physically manage the pain (besides, the wife took most of my belongings home when I got warded, including my phone, so I couldn’t play Candy Crush in the meantime). On the third night, however, the mood changed. And it was chemically induced.

8 September. The pain was still adamant, so the doctor decided to put me on a constant morphine drip.

The drip stayed on me for a good 3 days, during which, out of boredom, I executed an unexpectedly popular microblogging event of my hospital experience (and these are all true accounts) on my Facebook profile (I don’t anyhowly add friends, but just about everything in there is public, and you can always subscribe) that had everyone who was reading in stitches. Here are some of the best (read the comments as well!):

Days 4-6 continued here.

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