Review: Dads for Life Conference 2012

If it wasn’t for the need to find something to talk about in Blogfathers!, I would most probably have avoided the event for fear that it might turn into a very large self-help group meeting complete with confessions, crying and excessive group-hugging.

But go I did, and I found about 800 men (plus a handful of wives) apparently not sharing the sane trepidations i had about the event. Regardless, I found myself leaving with much more than I bargained for.

Never Gonna Give You Up

Mummy: I think you were too harsh on your last couple of blog posts. Me: Harsh? How? Mummy: For one, you were really harsh on Andre. Also, you sounded like you were asking Xan to give up. Dear Xander, Sometimes, even though a person means well, he or she will inadvertently overstep boundaries, or make … Continue reading Never Gonna Give You Up

One Night at Grandma’s (Part 2)

This is the second of a two-part letter, which began here. It was already a good half hour past your bedtime as we prepared to leave Grandma’s house that night. As we were waiting outside, you climbed up on the wood benches in Grandpa’s garden, plopped your chin on the tabletop and continued to sulk. … Continue reading One Night at Grandma’s (Part 2)

One Night at Grandma’s (Part 1)

Dear Xander, Your relationship with your cousin Andre is at best a tumultuous one. There are days when the both of you will laugh and play like best friends, and then things can suddenly turn ugly, when Andre refuses to play with you or share his toys, or you decide to do the same. Andre … Continue reading One Night at Grandma’s (Part 1)

The Celebrated Master of Baby Kung Fu

Those who have watched Ip Man, the kung fu action flick starring Donnie Yen, will have either marvelled at the talent this underrated actor has, or if you’re of the feminine persuasion, fallen in lust with his dashing 46-year-old Asian good looks. We watched Ip Man when Xander was still in my wife’s womb, but … Continue reading The Celebrated Master of Baby Kung Fu

Week 2: Blurry Days, Sleepless Nights

At some point in a new father’s life, one might come to the conclusion that newborn babies are in fact a Samsonian test of strength. Who would think a 4kg bundle of flesh and cuteness could wreak such havoc with his parents’ biological clock to the point where one barely knows what day of the … Continue reading Week 2: Blurry Days, Sleepless Nights

Week 1: Searching For The Joy of Parenthood

I’ve been reading through some other blogs on the topic of post-natal confinement, and it seems that while people are lauding over the joys of pregnancy, few people actually speak of the aftermath of giving birth. In fact, the most I’ve gotten about the subject prior to Xander’s birth were either a very sympathetic “Good luck, bro” or a very solemn “Welcome to parenthood. Try to stick with it.”

It really isn’t until you’re in the thick of it that you realise exactly why these responses sound the way they do. And even then, they don’t even begion to describe the ordeal you have to go through, regardless of whether you are the father or mother.