Call me Winnie (a.k.a. Eskew me, are you for real?)

This will get me on Technorati for sure… Over the past couple of days, one question I’ve been looking forward to answering has been “How did your photoshoot go?” Thus far, I’ve answered it twice already, and both times to it’s desired effect. Here’s an example (in this case, involving my eldest sister and me) … Continue reading Call me Winnie (a.k.a. Eskew me, are you for real?)

My wedding shoes cost $27 (my wife?s cost $22.50)

Just think; if a couple, both in the middle-income bracket, are about to get married, logically the most important day of their lives should deserve a more impressive shoe receipt than our grand total of $49.50. So there can only be 3 plausible explanations why they should decide to invest in 2 pair of soes dug up from the super-bargain corner of the thrift section of the wagon sales area of the cheapskates department of the budget shopping centre of this country most people identify with as a shopper’s paradise (personally I prefer Bangkok).

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of My Wedding Jitters

Some of you may already be aware through either discussions with me over MSN, or, more controversially, gossip and talking behind people’s back, that there will be a wedding on 20th July this year. Some of you may not be aware after reading the last sentence that my wife and I are actually 2 years … Continue reading The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of My Wedding Jitters

It Was An Accident (don?t worry, it?s all good)

1 1/2 hours later, we finally got our consult, and were told to proceed to the X-ray room for a photoshoot (forget anorexia baby, bones are the new black, uh, and white). This is where it gets little interesting, because everyone knows when doing an X-ray, you got to remove all your jewellery and metal objects. So I told my wife, “Pass me your necklace, rings and earrings before you go in.” She starts taking off all her jewellery then freezes with her head down for about 3 seconds and then turns to me, saying, “What about my navel ring?”

So my wife goes, “Start a blog!”

My dear 2-month pregnant wife suggested maybe 2 nights ago that I start a blog while i was complaining about a commercial that was showing on TV.

“You should start a blog,” she said. “Put down all these comments you make about all these funny things into words for all to see.”…

…And if, for any reason relating to the content of this blog, I ever lose my job, get publicly ridiculed, arrested, stabbed, poked by an old lady with an umbrella, refused service at a chicken rice stall, or disowned by my family and shunned by my friends, I have only my dear loving wife to blame for suggesting I start a blog in the first place.