Considering Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

This is the 1st in a 6-part series of articles based on the public lecture conducted at the National Library on 16 April 2012 by Professor Steven Pfeiffer entitled “Raising a Successful Child”; the content herein is reproduced with permission from Professor Pfeiffer and the National Library Board. Emotional intelligence is a crucial set of … Continue reading Considering Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

Tech & Tykes: What’s the Issue?

The biggest thing about this parental aversion to technology is that it’s happened countless times before in human history… When televisions were being churned out of productions lines during the Depression era, parents were writing into their governments demanding that controls be in place to stop their children from watching too much of the devil’s picture-box. When computers started pushing VGA graphics and computer games were being offered on a buffet line, again parents threw a fit. The fear of new things spans generations of parental worry, and quite frankly, does not look set to end anytime soon.

School of Life: Teaching Math As a Life Skill

Textbooks will use apples and oranges, cars traveling certain distances at certain speeds, but at this age, children are more likely not to like eating fruit in the first place, and certainly don’t have driving licenses. However, there is one thing they will certainly take an instant grasp to: money.

Staying Ahead in Your Child’s Safety

The recent spate of near-abduction events over the last week have led to a panic amidst the parenting community here. Part of the reason for the panic stems from a lack of information over why these incidents are occurring, and what exactly parents need to be wary of as they pursue outdoor activities with their children.

Moral Panic: The Act of Hitting the Panic Button Too Many Times

the consequences of moral panic can potentially extend beyond the confines of our family dynamics into the fabric of society; such is the power of the people, and the reason why we need to understand how to use the information we absorb or are given responsibly. More importantly, where information is unsubstantiated, even if shared by a witness to the events, there is a very real danger of the information actually doing harm to someone who could turn out to be an innocent party.

Keeping Your Child Safe From Strangers

A recent incident at AMK Hub involving a mother whose child was allegedly nearly taken by a stranger has been making its rounds on Facebook, and has the Singapore online community of parents spooked. Parents who grew up in the 80’s may remember the unresolved McDonald’s boys case that left the nation in shock and initiated a search that spanned across the region, and continues to haunt our generation to this day.

The Travel John: It’s Either This Or Your Kid Pees In His Pants

The box touts the idea as a “leak proof, hygienic, odorless absorbent pouch”, meant for men, women and children for such situations “traffics jams, motion sickness, bad weather, potty training, camping/hunting, boating, flying a plane”. Oh, Travel John. You had me at “traffic jam”.

Roaming Glass: Of Tots, Toys & Tech

The journey depicted in Roaming Glass ( takes us through many of what many will go through in the rite of passage of fatherhood; bringing your child to his first dentist’s appointment, seeing your child through sickness and through health, home improvements in the name of child safety, and the general mayhem that may ensue when dealing when you have two boys in a brood.

When the Children Cry (at the 1st month)

If you’re actively caring for your wife and child during your wife’s confinement period, or making sure everything is all right before you head back to work from your paternity/childcare leave, the very first thing that will hit a father in the face; you are potentially your wife’s balance between sanity and insanity. And the most urgent thing you have to learn from day zero is the meanings behind your children’s cries.