Dear NLB – Singling Out Penguins & Swans

I know of enough people around me and around the world afflicted by disability, sickness, death, divorce, financial burden, miscarriage, infertility, or even racial, religious, political and sexual discrimination to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to family creation and management. And if I may say as way of compliment to the Board, I learned how to empathise with all of these people and all these situations through the various children’s books my family regularly bring home to read as bedtime stories to our children, just over the last 4 years alone.

A Day in the Life of a Working Active Father

At the end of every work day, when I decide to leave at 6pm sharp, I do so knowing I leave a trail of talk behind my back. To some, my leaving on the dot is an inconsiderate act, a disruption of work processes, a disregard for timeliness, even disrespect. This mindset exists not just in my own workplace, but in many organisations around Singapore, if not the world, wherever there exists such things as an “office” or a “work culture”.

Why I Am Reading Breastfeeding Posts

A few nights ago, The Wife came out of the bedroom and joined me on the living room sofa after Yvie and the confinement nanny had gone to sleep. It was about 11pm, and I was preparing for bed myself. After a couple of minutes, I heard a dull, rhythmic drilling sound that seemed to … Continue reading Why I Am Reading Breastfeeding Posts

Hospitalised! – The Facebook Postings (Days 4-6)

“Noticed the solution bag attached to my IV had barely emptied since noon. Wasn’t until I received an injection of meds through the plug, and felt a sharp ‘pop’ in my vein before the liquid meds gushed through, that I found out my blood had clotted at the opening of the plug into my vein (the ‘pop’ was the clot coming loose).”

Top 6 Questions You Should Never Ask a Guy Who Just Got Hospitalised

I was warded in hospital last week, and the most taxing part of the whole ordeal was really the fielding of questions when the wife and I decided to announce my hospitalisation. Here are our top 10 questions we feel you should never ask a guy when he gets hospitalised.