Kidzania: Understanding the Mania

The week before, I took a day off to bring everyone to Kidzania Singapore to see if we could get tickets, but we arrived at Beach Station at 2pm, and seasoned parents of Kidzanians will point at us and mock us in utter noobery of not knowing that we can’t just get walk-in tickets into … Continue reading Kidzania: Understanding the Mania

A Fatherhood Story in a Photography Workshop

In the midst of his very candid, almost tongue-in-cheek presentation, mostly involving showing us a barrage of pictures of his son, he’d inject some anecdotal information on his photojournalist background, used to blog just like us, and that his son was autistic.

I sat up. I had just met Bob Lee.

A Lesson in Parenting – by 3 Furbies

It dawned on me that Xan’s idea of care for his three robotic pets must have been gleaned off of how we operate as a family on a daily basis – I can imagine the conversation he has with the Furbies as he places them in their circle. “Okay, you kwai-kwai go one corner and play amongst yourselves okay? I go draw picture in front of the TV.”

The War Against Dengue Part II: A Child’s Tale

This is a picture of my son, taken a month before his first birthday. We were at my sister’s place celebrating his cousin’s birthday. It was a landed property with a large outdoor garden, so a bouncing castle was ordered in for the party. As you can imagine, all the kids spent most of their … Continue reading The War Against Dengue Part II: A Child’s Tale