Hospitalised! – The Facebook Postings (Days 4-6)

“Noticed the solution bag attached to my IV had barely emptied since noon. Wasn’t until I received an injection of meds through the plug, and felt a sharp ‘pop’ in my vein before the liquid meds gushed through, that I found out my blood had clotted at the opening of the plug into my vein (the ‘pop’ was the clot coming loose).”

Top 6 Questions You Should Never Ask a Guy Who Just Got Hospitalised

I was warded in hospital last week, and the most taxing part of the whole ordeal was really the fielding of questions when the wife and I decided to announce my hospitalisation. Here are our top 10 questions we feel you should never ask a guy when he gets hospitalised.

What Really Goes On in a Dad’s Mind During an Ultrasound

Sonologist: “There.” (Pointing at what looks like a little lump holding a flashing LED lightbulb) “That’s your baby. That flashing thing is its heartbeat.”
Me: (standing up to take a closer look) “Heartbeat? That early?” (By now the wife was 6.8 weeks into it) “It looks like a peanut.”

The War Against Dengue Part 1: A Soldier’s Story

You may have heard of the 10-minute Mozzie Wipeout. I remember resenting the term “mozzie” being used so endearingly for what I know now to be the one animal species “responsible for killing more humans than any other animal on the planet”.