[Review] CitiBlocs: Building Blocks with Unexpected Precision

Pamela of My First Games recently offered me some CitiBlocs as gifts for my son. I’ve heard of CitiBlocs before, and being the modest, humble Blogfather I am, I politely handed back the 2 plain sets of CitiBlocs, then looked at Pam with much gratitude and said to her: “Can I have the coloured ones instead?”

I’m Playing Dad to the Trend Family! – an Internet Safety Community Initiative

It’s not the norm for Blogfathers! to endorse brands, and neither is the site into the advertising game (notice there are no more ads; I was going through a phase back then). But Trend Micro approached me with a very interesting proposition: there are no products to push, no services to promote, just a community cause to bring Internet safety awareness to families (so no, I’m not getting paid to do this – as usual).