Singa’s Resignation – A Perfect Irony

Update: The Singapore Kindness Movement has responded directly to The Blogfather (as well as some other alt-media outlets) with a letter posted on their blog. You can read it here. I first saw the resignation letter being floated around on Facebook, and I thought it was a spoof… until I saw where it came … Continue reading Singa’s Resignation – A Perfect Irony

PCF Child-Grabbing Incident: The Problem with Misinformed Fear

The very first thing I noticed as I spoke to the PCF staff member was that she felt unsure about addressing the issue, despite the letter having been issued – by them, no less – in no uncertain terms that the incident occurred. Then when she went off the receiver to ask another colleague, that other colleague immediately and very curtly said, “No comment! No comment!”

[PV Series] The First Assignment

To recap from my previous parent volunteer (PV) series post, I received an e-mail from a parent support group (PSG) committee member asking if I could fill in for a PV to attend a Primary 1 afternoon school outing. The excursion would be, er, excursed, the following Monday – just 2 days from the date … Continue reading [PV Series] The First Assignment

[The Parent Volunteer Series] Beginnings

Back in the tail end of October, my wife pressed me into applying for a parent volunteer (PV) programme at a rather reputable school near our home. I was planning to make a living out of working at home at the time, and thought it might actually be a good experience to document here. Yes, … Continue reading [The Parent Volunteer Series] Beginnings

Top 5 Bad Chinese New Year Conversation Starters (and How To Deal with Them)

Ah, the Lunar New Year. It’s like the Chinese version of Christmas, except you get ang pows instead of presents, pussy willows instead of pine trees, and reunion dinners instead of turkey and ham. But one tradition remains constant despite the East-West contrast: bad conversation starters.

Chinese New Year – An Ancient Conspiracy

The Population White Paper, the whole Marriage and Parenthood package revisions and Chinese New Year (CNY); to the Blogfather, there is no better time to kvetch about what I feel has to be the most well-devised conspiracy theory in the history of Chinese tradition and family values.

The Newspaper Interview That’s Not In the Newspaper

I was asked to be interviewed for last Sunday’s edition of The New Paper on the latest revisions on the Marriage & Parenthood package (my answers weren’t published in the end, though). Nevertheless, I do have the interview Q&A mostly documented in my e-mail and Whatsapp. So I figured, why waste a huge chunk of opinion over a very hot topic of national conversation?

The Government Wants You to Get It On (But Still Doesn’t Quite Know How)

I spoke about it briefly here and here, but at length somewhere else when our PM announced the government’s plans during the National Day Rally speech. Yesterday, as promised, the latest revisions to the Marriage and Parenthood Package was announced (the last round of revisions was rolled out in 2008). You can find the full … Continue reading The Government Wants You to Get It On (But Still Doesn’t Quite Know How)