Suffering the Wrath of Singapore’s Online Lynch Mob

In medieval times, you commit a social booboo, you’d get stoned or burned at the stake, your life ends there, finish, kaput. These days, you get your face plastered online, your name mocked and smeared in mud, your entire future turned into a big question mark, regardless of whether you repent or not. Your life — as you know it — potentially ends here. But it’s not finished. It’s not kaput.

How Much Does Your Personal Information Cost?

Yahoo! Singapore pushed out an article last week on a Singapore Polytechnic survey about social media security concerns, drawing information shared from a panel discussion hosted by Trend Micro (which I should have attended; sorry guys). More than in the capacity of being Trend Father, though, there’s something very important that everyone needs to understand … Continue reading How Much Does Your Personal Information Cost?

My Kid May Turn Out Gay… So?

A friend of mine (quite a popular online personality, but that’s really all I have to say… or need to) posted up a Facebook status last Sunday about his opinion on how homosexuals come about. He thought most of the gay (men) he’s ever met were like that because they didn’t have a father figure. … Continue reading My Kid May Turn Out Gay… So?

Your Job – The Ultimate Contraceptive

I sat on the “National Conversation” for quite a while without commenting, particularly when it came to our terrible fertility rate. I know a number of fellow blogfathers who have jumped in on the discussion already (namely, Sengkang Babies, J Babies’ Dad and Daddy Nivlek); I was also knee-deep in covering the opinion of various … Continue reading Your Job – The Ultimate Contraceptive

Singapore as a Cycle of Life: A National Day Special

Dear Xander, At the time I write this letter, you have made it known to your mother and I that you have a love-hate relationship with Singapore. At the time I write this letter, though, you associate the word “Singapore” with the National Day Parade. That justifies an explanation to you about what National Day … Continue reading Singapore as a Cycle of Life: A National Day Special

When Young and Old Collide

By now you’d have heard or even seen that video of the female youth engaged in a battle of words with a disgruntled auntie over an MRT priority seat. Regardless of who was in the wrong, whether the whole idea of reserved seating in public transport has skewed our country’s sense of morals, or “how … Continue reading When Young and Old Collide

Active Fatherhood: An Uphill Battle

Dads don’t have it easy in Singapore. (Bear with me ladies; there is a silver lining.) While mothers (who, under the Child Development Co-Savings Act, get up to 16 weeks maternity leave) get an entire section dedicated to maternity leave entitlement on the Ministry of Manpower’s website, dear old dad gets a less-than-honorary mention at … Continue reading Active Fatherhood: An Uphill Battle

Review: Dads for Life Conference 2012

If it wasn’t for the need to find something to talk about in Blogfathers!, I would most probably have avoided the event for fear that it might turn into a very large self-help group meeting complete with confessions, crying and excessive group-hugging.

But go I did, and I found about 800 men (plus a handful of wives) apparently not sharing the sane trepidations i had about the event. Regardless, I found myself leaving with much more than I bargained for.

Homework for a Three-year-old

The pressures of a child going through early childhood education doesn’t just wreak havoc on the child’s life; a large part of the time, parents are also – if not more – stressed out by what their child has to go through.

In this excerpt from Dear Xander, that same pressure led to an emotional breakdown between mother and child in what was ultimately a miscommunication between parents and preschool over how a 3-year-old’s homework should be done.