By the 2nd trimester, your baby’s balls will move from his head to his crotch?

About a month ago, shortly after my wife confirmed her pregnancy and started reading up on her foetus’ development inside of her, she suddenly quipped one night that the little life force growing inside of her, if male, will have his scrotum developing on the head and eventually moving down to the front pelvic area … Continue reading By the 2nd trimester, your baby’s balls will move from his head to his crotch?

Wedding? What wedding?

I find it slightly disturbing that everyone is asking how our wedding preparations are coming along. More disturbing is the shower of concern over my wife’s stress levels whilst contending with planning the wedding and the pregnancy. Why this is all disturbing is because we’re actually not doing very much at the moment. Tomorrow we’re … Continue reading Wedding? What wedding?

Vampire Durian Puffs, Anyone?

So the Balestier Food Centre has finally reopened to little fanfare. my wife and I went to check it out earlier this week, and we found it’s being run by the Banquet people (which largely means no pork anything there, though we have yet to verify that). My first impression of the place was laid … Continue reading Vampire Durian Puffs, Anyone?

You sold me at “Hello”.

My wife: “Okay, we’ll take the black one.”
Saleperson: “All right.” – Pause – “Uh, you really want to take the black one? The piano black finish on the speaker bodies are quite hard to take care of. Plus you might have to wait -”
My wife: “Oh, is it sold out?”
Salesperson: “No. It’s just that… put it this way, it is just islandwide out of stock.”
Me: “…”