I’m Having An Election

Ah, elections. Since the ’06 round, Singaporeans have come to expect a fresh new level of (online) entertainment not unlike the WWE before they outed themselves as an elaborately choreographed act. With the “bak chor mee” clip and the PM’s “Mai Hum” BEP mashup (both courtesy of Mr Brown) still fresh in our heads, local … Continue reading I’m Having An Election

My Parents’ 10 Unfulfilled Wishes

I never became a doctor. My parents had a grand plan for all of us, which quite amazingly, was fulfilled 3/4s of the way. They had envisioned a brood of children who would grow up to work in top-level professions; my eldest sister became a lawyer, so we’d be in good hands if we ever … Continue reading My Parents’ 10 Unfulfilled Wishes

Dealing With Death

At the tail end of my secondary education, I had this really whacky idea about writing a book about Death. Yes, with a capital D. The ageless concept of the final chapter of the human condition, anamorphised into countless human, post-human and non-human forms across every religion and culture known to Man. A collector of … Continue reading Dealing With Death

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of My Wedding Jitters

Some of you may already be aware through either discussions with me over MSN, or, more controversially, gossip and talking behind people’s back, that there will be a wedding on 20th July this year. Some of you may not be aware after reading the last sentence that my wife and I are actually 2 years … Continue reading The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of My Wedding Jitters