A Fatherhood Story in a Photography Workshop

In the midst of his very candid, almost tongue-in-cheek presentation, mostly involving showing us a barrage of pictures of his son, he’d inject some anecdotal information on his photojournalist background, used to blog just like us, and that his son was autistic.

I sat up. I had just met Bob Lee.

The War Against Dengue Part II: A Child’s Tale

This is a picture of my son, taken a month before his first birthday. We were at my sister’s place celebrating his cousin’s birthday. It was a landed property with a large outdoor garden, so a bouncing castle was ordered in for the party. As you can imagine, all the kids spent most of their … Continue reading The War Against Dengue Part II: A Child’s Tale

The War Against Dengue Part 1: A Soldier’s Story

You may have heard of the 10-minute Mozzie Wipeout. I remember resenting the term “mozzie” being used so endearingly for what I know now to be the one animal species “responsible for killing more humans than any other animal on the planet”.