[The PV Series] The Children’s Day Funfair

Now, technically speaking, the annual Children’s Day Funfair is a Parent Support Group (PSG) event, and there is a significant different between the PSG and parent volunteers (PV), namely that the PSG volunteers are parents whose kids are already in the school, while the PVs volunteer in the hopes that their kids can eventually get in. So how did The Blogfather get involved as a PV then?

[The PV Series] Canteen Duty During Ramadan

After a while, you learn to identify when someone seriously needs to go to the toilet and when someone is just trying to make a break for it. When a pupil comes up to you with a slightly worried look, legs pressed together and doing tiny hops from left to right, they need to go. But when a pupil comes up to you, with a cheeky smile and an inexplicable glint in his eye, you say NO.

[PV Series] The First Assignment

To recap from my previous parent volunteer (PV) series post, I received an e-mail from a parent support group (PSG) committee member asking if I could fill in for a PV to attend a Primary 1 afternoon school outing. The excursion would be, er, excursed, the following Monday – just 2 days from the date … Continue reading [PV Series] The First Assignment

[The Parent Volunteer Series] Beginnings

Back in the tail end of October, my wife pressed me into applying for a parent volunteer (PV) programme at a rather reputable school near our home. I was planning to make a living out of working at home at the time, and thought it might actually be a good experience to document here. Yes, … Continue reading [The Parent Volunteer Series] Beginnings