Chinese New Year – An Ancient Conspiracy

The Population White Paper, the whole Marriage and Parenthood package revisions and Chinese New Year (CNY); to the Blogfather, there is no better time to kvetch about what I feel has to be the most well-devised conspiracy theory in the history of Chinese tradition and family values.

Your Job – The Ultimate Contraceptive

I sat on the “National Conversation” for quite a while without commenting, particularly when it came to our terrible fertility rate. I know a number of fellow blogfathers who have jumped in on the discussion already (namely, Sengkang Babies, J Babies’ Dad and Daddy Nivlek); I was also knee-deep in covering the opinion of various … Continue reading Your Job – The Ultimate Contraceptive

Driving into Cultures: Bangkok vs. Singapore

The past week, I’ve had the good fortune to finally experience driving in Bangkok traffic. To many fellow Singaporeans, judging by the face value of the mayhem that is Bangkok traffic, the phrase “good fortune” might be somewhat displaced, and in some parts of Bangkok (the Victory Monument being one dastardly good example, they may … Continue reading Driving into Cultures: Bangkok vs. Singapore

The Dating Game (Singapore Edition)

It is mankind’s perpetual quest, and the animal kingdom’s basest and yet most important of instincts; finding a mate. And in our 65,000 years of existence, you’d think we’d have gotten this basic instinct down pat. But how is it that such a large part of us find ourselves so adept at being unintentionally single? … Continue reading The Dating Game (Singapore Edition)


The first post is always the hardest. I do so hate starting in the middle of nowhere, but it always seems that’s the only way to go right now; I am in the throes of beginning middle age, and heading back to a younger, more appropriate time to document my experiences, opinions and observations will take too long anyway.

Right, anyway. Let’s start afresh.

7 Signs That You Are Too Old for a Nine Inch Nails Concert

Signs that you are too old for a Nine Inch Nails concert: 1. You get 2 pre-sale tickets, but when you ask around, no one in your social circle wants to go because Nine Inch Nails is too hardcore. 2. You go to the concert, take your place in the moshpit and observe that everybody … Continue reading 7 Signs That You Are Too Old for a Nine Inch Nails Concert

Such a Fascinating Creature, This Bird

I’ve been stuck on Twitter the last couple of days. Though I did register yonks before, and have a rudimentary understanding of how it came to be one of the hottest (and most inane) cultural phenomenons of this digital age, it didn’t hit me how useful it really could be until I decided to run … Continue reading Such a Fascinating Creature, This Bird