Chuck Your Home Computer. I Dare You.

I received a new laptop yesterday. Prior to that, I haven’t had a working computer at home for almost 2 years. I raise eyebrows every time I tell people I don’t have a computer at home. They’d ask, “How do you blog?” “My iPhone”, I answer. In fact, I’m doing it right now (WordPress just … Continue reading Chuck Your Home Computer. I Dare You.

Protecting your Children Through The Death of Privacy

We’re all social media pundits: we happily announce share our children’s activities and photos on Facebook, tweet to let people know when our favourite sports team has won (or lost) a match, tag our locations (whether on our own volition or by default) on Foursquare… the list goes on. I do it too. It was only when writing an article for a magazine that I realised this is a major, major problem in the state of personal privacy today.

Tech & Tykes: What’s the Issue?

The biggest thing about this parental aversion to technology is that it’s happened countless times before in human history… When televisions were being churned out of productions lines during the Depression era, parents were writing into their governments demanding that controls be in place to stop their children from watching too much of the devil’s picture-box. When computers started pushing VGA graphics and computer games were being offered on a buffet line, again parents threw a fit. The fear of new things spans generations of parental worry, and quite frankly, does not look set to end anytime soon.