It Was an Accident (Again)

1 July 2013:

Early this month, I received a call from my wife?saying she was going to be late, ?on account of she had a car accident on the AYE. Nothing serious, just a slight bump against another car’s side (car in picture is other party’s).


I helped her handle the situation, and managed to settle with the other driver without much hassle.

Now, why is that significant?

3 July 2013:

You may remember I shared an old post a while back about how we found out that we were pregnant with Xander. A few days after this latest scrape, my wife mused lightheartedly about how funny it would be if this latest accident was also a sign from… wherever, that she was pregnant again.

I laughed. “Ahahahahaha! Hahahahaa, heeeheeheeheeheehee…”

4 July 2013:


“… Heeheehe… Oh.”


We kept it under wraps until now because we had a few important people we had to notify about this latest development. The very first and most important person we had to tell was Xander.

The Wife: “Baby, there’s something we need to tell you.”
Xander: “What?”
Me: “Your mummy is having a baby. You are going to have a little brother or sister!”
Xander: “AH?!”
The Wife: “Yep!”
(stunned silence)
Xander: “But… Why is it mummy that is pregnant and not Daddy?”

That moment our endearing little boy pointed at my 6-years-old-and-counting pregnant belly. And that is why I am now ?regularly?going to the gym.

To Be Continued…

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