SG50 – Finding the Way Forward, Like an Awkward Teen

SG50-WideThe two-day exhibition wasn’t physically big; you had a number of exhibits on one side, a couple of non-profit booths that had some interesting funding ideas (check out ComChest’s #careandshare Instagram campaign, for example). Interestingly, I connected with a couple of the exhibits and booths.

We saw a booth set up to collect plastic bags to make into a large collection of handmade roses for next year’s Chingay Parade. The company Mother of Xander worked for used to be very involved in the parade, so that jogged some nice memories.


Then a couple of steps away, I found myself standing further into my own past.


My former workplace will soon be the new National Gallery. Sure, I was only there less than a year, but the stories I have of my time in the old Supreme Court building are whole blog posts of their own.

But the Blogfather being the Blogfather, I was really at the the exhibition to dig up some dirt, and may I proudly say, Singaporeans being Singaporeans, we do not disappoint.


Standing in a corner was the Wishing House, a wireframe house covered in red and white paper discs. Amidst the expected “I wish for world peace” and “Stay kewl and funkee 4eva”, “I want a boyfriend” and “I luv LKY” messages scribbled over most of the house, some discs managed to sneak in that betrayed the not-so-underlying issues Singaporeans have been facing – and trying to talk about – since at least the last elections and even before.


Towards the end of our viewing, I was pulled aside by the rather charming 98.7FM duo Kimberley Wang & Gerald Koh (Xander remembers Gerald as “that man from Guardians of the Galaxy”) for a phone-in interview segment (the event organiser very kindly supplied me with the recording). They asked me how  I wanted to celebrate SG50 with my family; I said something about watching the parade on TV with pizza – doesn’t matter how we do it, as long as we are together.


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  1. Well at least the younger generation of civil service peeps are willing to listen. Its going to take a long while before we see radical changes and improvements from the govt policies. But well we cannot please everyone. Someone will still be angry no matter what policies are being implemented.

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